Warranty and Return


Returns and Warranty

Tow Car Shield  has a 30 day trial period during which time the customer may use it for as many miles of travel as necessary to determine if the product is suitable. If the customer chooses to return for a refund the company must be notified prior to returning the TCS. The purchase price will be refunded in full but does not include shipping.  Tow Car Shields are made to fit all common, commercial tow bar setups but, in the event that new variables arise the company will arrange to make the alterations free of charge.  Unfortunately,  given the variables in placement of brake-a-way switches, electrical connectors, cameras and other components we cannot guarantee they will fit the openings provided.  At any time that a TCS needs to be repaired, for any reason, the company  will repair or replace it at the company's choice. This warranty applies to the original purchaser and for the car it was purchased for.

Motor Home Bra  is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from the time it is received. They are guaranteed to fit and are not returnable for a refund. In the event that tailoring is required to accommodate irregularities in fitting wipers, mirrors, cameras and other appliances that may have been added, the company will pay for shipping both ways. 

WindTamer  is warranted against defects in material and workmanship and may be returned for repair or replacement within 1 year of receipt. Refund of purchase price if returned within 30 days of receipts and advance notification that it is being returned for a refund. 

Mirror Covers are guaranteed to fit and are returnable for a refund of purchase price within 30 day of receipt. Tire Sun Guards are a clearance item and are refundable. 

Spare Tire Covers  and Tire Guards are  clearance items and are not refundable.  

Mattresses are custom made to order per the customers size specifications and may not be returned for a refund.  Mattresses may be repaired or replaced for error in size or defects in materials and workmanship.     

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